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  • Becca Cutter, Certified Senior Care Manager

Spread Positivity!

Spread positivity today!

Dale Carnegie Quote-HoneyHill HomeCare

No matter what you are going through, or what your circumstances may be, start your day with a smile and let someone know you appreciate them. Even offer kindness to a stranger standing in line with you waiting for coffee. You never know the impact it could have on someone. I know it’s easier said than done sometimes, but if you make the conscious effort to do this more often, it will become a more natural habit. As my good friend, Dale Carnegie, said... “Nothing else so inspires and heartens people as words of appreciation. You and I may soon forget the words of encouragement and appreciation that we utter now, but the person to whom we have spoken them may treasure them and repeat them to themselves over a lifetime.” What an awesome reminder! I know that I can think of several of these moments from over the years, where people have said genuine and sincere compliments or words of encouragement, that have stuck with me. We need to create more of these moments for others. This world can make you focus on all the craziness and evil if you let it. So, don’t let it! You can come up with all the reasons and excuses not to, but it really is as easy as making the choice. Be kind. Remember how your words and actions influence those around you. Focus on building each other up. Some of you don’t even know how many people and children look to you for guidance. Together, let’s build a community of people who care about one another and consider each other’s thoughts, ideas, opinions, and feelings. Let’s all try to make someone else’s day better today! Hope everyone has a great Thursday!

Becca Cutter

Certified Senior Care Manager

(615) 796-1775

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