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  • Becca Cutter, Executive Director

Becca's Reflection on Perspective

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Becca Cutter, Executive Director of HoneyHill HomeCare

However, my job has left me with no choice, but to look at my life differently. When you work in a field that allows you the chance to serve those who have numerous health issues, diseases, chronic illness, disabilities, etc., it forces you to take a step back and look at life through their lens. This is not to say that I think people who are not currently going through those types of issues don't have valid problems. It's just that, sometimes we heighten our situations to provoke a response from others like some form of pity or understanding. We want to be heard. It's human nature. But, when you see people struggling to do the basic activities of daily living like walking, bathing, eating, using the restroom, dressing, talking, remembering... I think you would be hard-pressed to try to explain your most recent struggle to THAT person.

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