~A Meaningful Letter~

Dear Mike and Becca,

I just wanted to send this letter to “Thank You” for taking such good care of me and taking care of my father. I know he is quite the handful and you picked the right people to take care of him every day. I love both of his caregivers. You did a good job picking them out and choosing them to be the ones to take care of dad. 

I don’t know if you know this, but before I hired your company to be the ones to help me with my father, I interviewed about 4 other companies. I was going to see which one was the best fit for me and for my father. I hired you on the same day as the interview with no more decisions to be made because I immediately felt good and comfortable with you, and you had all the qualifications I was looking for in a company. You are down to earth and know of all the needs that I may be facing and that also helped in choosing the “right” company.

I have enjoyed working with all of you and appreciate the ease of the situation that I have found myself facing every day. It is one less worry I have to face on a daily basis knowing you are in place to help me in any way possible. For that I send many thanks.


Thanks again for “Everything You Do”

-Carolyn A. 

Brentwood, TN

Thank you...

"This testimony means so much to us! We are honored to be able to serve such an amazing family.  We truly aim to receive this type of response from every client. Of course, we know we owe a tremendous amount of thanks to our wonderful caregivers out there representing HoneyHill and providing such quality care. Thank you again for such a heartfelt letter, Carolyn!"

-Becca Cutter, HoneyHill's Executive Director

~A Touching Testimony~

"Can't say enough about HoneyHill HomeCare. When my wife's condition deteriorated, I needed some one more skilled than a sitter. The health care service I was using didn't respond very quick. I contacted HoneyHill and Mike and Becca came to my house the next morning and assessed the situation.


Within 24 hours a very experienced and compassionate CNA was provided to help care for my wife. Becca stayed in contact continuously to make sure I was getting the service I required.


Never had any trouble reaching them. In fact, Mike gave me his cell phone number and said we are available 24/7. Wish I had found HoneyHill earlier. A very caring company that knows from a personal experience what it takes to care for a loved one."

-Bradley R.

Mt. Juliet, TN

Thank you...

"I can honestly say that I will never forget this family. To be trusted to take care of someone else's loved one is something we do not take lightly. We are so honored to have served Bradley's wife and glad that our caregiver was able to provide her the services she needed. 

Thank you so much for the kind words, Bradley. You, your wife and the rest of your family will always hold a special place in our hearts."

-Becca Cutter, HoneyHill's Executive Director

~A Sincere Review~

"HoneyHill was a blessing and incredible help to us during my mother's terminal illness. They were compassionate, experienced and extremely helpful.

Their caregivers were warm, caring, and professional. I would highly recommend this company for any needs you may have regarding home care.


Becca and Mike, thank you! You were wonderful and a true blessing!"

-Sheryl L.

Smyrna, TN

Thank you...

"What an absolute blessing it was to be able to serve this family! It really was a gift to have served such kind and genuine people. We come into people's lives at such difficult times. Even though that was the case for this client, they displayed such love and grace for their loved one and I am so glad that our caregivers were able to offer a helping hand when they needed it most. 


Thank you for allowing us to care for your sweet loved one! Your relationship means so much to us!"


-Becca Cutter, HoneyHill's Executive Director

~A Raving Recommendation~

"Becca and Mike are amazing!! I take care of my Dad and had a situation come up very unexpected!!


I only needed someone to sit with my Dad for one evening, while I attended my granddaughter's graduation. I called on a Tuesday and the graduation was on Thursday!! 


They were both so caring and understanding!! I would highly recommend them for anyone who needed care for their loved one!!!

Our caregiver was awesome!! Thanks again so much for making it possible!!"

-Marla R.

Murfreesboro, TN

Thank you...

"Let me just tell you something... it was a delight getting to serve Marla and her family. Marla is one of those people that you instantly get to know and love. She is easy to talk to and a caregiver herself. So, it was our absolute pleasure to be able to help her out when she found herself in need of care for her father. 

Thank you so much for the review on FaceBook, Marla! We are just glad you were pleased with the services you received and appreciate getting the feedback!"

-Becca Cutter, HoneyHill's Executive Director

~Fantastic Feedback~

“Having Lorie here has been like having an angel from heaven.  She is so sweet to my Mother and so very helpful.


I feel like I can finally breathe again. I appreciate having her here more than I can express in words.

And I told her I feel like I've known her forever!


Thanks so much to you, your dad, and your brother!”


Murfreesboro, TN

Thank you...

"We are so thankful that this family chose us as their home care agency. When we first met them for the initial home assessment that we do with each new client, we felt an instant connection. Luckily, we were able to pair them with a dependable and hard-working caregiver that they love and deserve!

Thank you so much for allowing me to share your kind words, Sarah! We are so glad that our services have been a benefit to you and your sweet mother and appreciate getting the feedback!"

-Becca Cutter, HoneyHill's Executive Director

~A Satisfied Customer~

"Dear HoneyHill,

Thank you so much for the excellent care you provided my elderly mother for over 3 months.  The sitters were very attentive, caring, and patient with her.  


I live out of state and it meant a lot to know she was being cared for by such loving people.  


I also appreciate the frequent communication and updates the caregivers and the management team provided.  You far exceeded our expectations!"

- Mitzi Sadler, RN


Thank you...

"Knowing that Mitzi is a registered nurse, we had a feeling that her expectations for the standard of care we provided for her mother, as they should be. We are just so glad that were able to go above and beyond her expectations. Our caregivers represented HoneyHill in such a professional and caring way. 

We are so grateful we could offer Mitzi and her family the peace of mind that comes with knowing their loved one was being taken care of properly, even when they live out-of-state. Thank you for choosing and trusting HoneyHill HomeCare to take care of your sweet mother." 

-Becca Cutter, HoneyHill's Executive Director

~A Job Well-Done~

"Absolutely LOVE LOVE all the ladies you are sending to take care of Mom.


They turn my Mom’s mood from crying to smiling in a matter of minutes.  Mom’s caregivers are like my extended family.  


Hugs and all. Can’t thank you enough!” 

- Ann

Murfreesboro, TN

Thank you...

"When first meeting Ann, it felt like a good fit for all of us instantly. Ann, thank you for being so easy to work with and for choosing HoneyHill HomeCare when you had many other options for your mother's care. 

Our caregivers grew very attached to your mom, which was easy for anyone to do, because she really is such a delight. We feel honored to have taken care of your mother and we are so glad you were pleased with our services."

-Becca Cutter, HoneyHill's Executive Director

~A Positive Report ~

"I thank you for everything you guys did for my wife. You guys were the very best and very professional in everything you did for us.


I can not thank you enough for everything you did for my wife."

- Luis

La Vergne, TN

Thank you...

"Meeting Luis and his family was such a gift. We come into contact with so many people and every experience is different. With Luis and his family, we were treated with such kindness and felt like they accepted us and our caregivers as family immediately. To be able to have helped this family because we were connected with a mutual friend was an added bonus. We will always cherish the time we were able to spend with this family.


Thank you for your kind words, Luis. We are just glad that we were able to offer your wife the level of care she deserved."

-Becca Cutter, HoneyHill's Executive Director

~An Honest Assessment ~

"I cannot say enough wonderful things about HoneyHill. They were able able to meet the needs when my mother’s cancer was declining rapidly and I needed them.


Brianna, the caregiver was so wonderful and my Mother just loved her. The patience, kindness and compassion could not have been any better in such a stressful time."

- Kristie

Murfreesboro, TN

Thank you...

"Over the years, we have worked with so many different families. We feel blessed to have come to know some of the sweetest and most loving people through our work. Kristie and her mom were some of these people. All we can ever ask for is to do our best and hope that means the pairing of a caregiver and a client is a good fit. As a result of matching our clients with a caregiver (or caregivers) that is caring, skilled, and trustworthy - we hope they are receiving the standard of care that they deserve. I am glad that was the experience for Kristie and her mother. 

Thank you for providing us with this review and allowing us to be your mother's home care provider!"

-Becca Cutter, HoneyHill's Executive Director

~A Great Experience~

"Hi Mike & All The HH Caregivers Mom Enjoyed,

No way can words communicate how much Mom & I benefitted from our HoneyHill caregivers.  I admit I was a bit nervous about the idea of having total strangers in our home to care for Mom. When I went to sleep would they really keep an eye out for Mom or attend to her needs? Would they be trustworthy? Would they be quick to respond to her?



My concerns were completely laid to rest from the moment I met each of the Caregivers. Each of them were totally GREAT! I worried what would I do if Mom didn't like one or any of her caregivers.


They took to Mom almost as quick as Mom took to them. Actually, they truly spoiled her rotten. They seemed to love doing so & Mom didn't resist at all. I like to think she was an easy patient & soooo appreciative of all they did. Almost as much as I like to think we received the best caregivers one could have anywhere. They were WONDERFUL & ANTICIPATED ALL of Mom’s needs.  

There is no constructive criticism I can offer. They actually taught me so much.

Keep doing exactly what Moms caregivers did. Repeat their actions & attitude again and again.  

The patients will reap the rewards totally. 


Extremely Satisfied 

- Pat J.

Murfreesboro, TN

Thank you...

"What a blessing it was to work with you and to provide care for your sweet mother. Everyone was so fond of her and expressed how it was truly a delight to be her caregiver. Thank you so much for offering to provide us with such a heartfelt review of your experience with us. We truly do our best to make sure each client feels the way you feel about our services and it's just such an honor to have worked with such a kind soul. Thank you for choosing our agency and trusting us to take care of your mother. We know it can be overwhelming and it's a huge decision to let someone into your home. We appreciate your sincere words and just feel so honored to have taken care  We wish the best for you and your family!"

-Becca Cutter, HoneyHill's Executive Director