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“Dear Mike and Becca,

I just wanted to send this letter to “Thank You” for taking such good care of me and taking care of my father. I know he is quite the handful and you picked the right people to take care of him every day. I love both of his caregivers. You did a good job picking them out and choosing them to be the ones to take care of dad. 

I don’t know if you know this, but before I hired your company to be the ones to help me with my father, I interviewed about 4 other companies. I was going to see which one was the best fit for me and for my father. I hired you on the same day as the interview with no more decisions to be made because I immediately felt good and comfortable with you, and you had all the qualifications I was looking for in a company. You are down to earth and know of all the needs that I may be facing and that also helped in choosing the “right” company.

I have enjoyed working with all of you and appreciate the ease of the situation that I have found myself facing every day. It is one less worry I have to face on a daily basis knowing you are in place to help me in any way possible. For that I send many thanks.


Thanks again for everything you do."

— Carolyn A. 

Brentwood, TN


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