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I Had a Baby!

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

Hey there everyone!

Mike Cutter holding his granddaughter at HoneyHill HomeCare's office
Mike Cutter, CEO holding his granddaughter

It's been awhile (a little over 9 months) since I have put an updated blog post on here. This one will be short & sweet, but I will be getting more posts out to you all soon because we have had a lot of big & exciting changes over the past year that I want to share with you all.

For now, we will stick with the biggest news of all... I had a baby! My sweet, beautiful & healthy baby girl arrived May 16, 2023. That being said, I have been busy for the past year and had to dedicate more time to my personal life as I am sure all you parents out there understand.

But anyone who has ever been in a family business knows that your business and personal life coincide more often than not whether you like it or not. So, while I am adjusting to motherhood of an almost 2 month old and getting back to work - I will do my best to get on here more often.

Just needed to share the sweetest picture of my daughter with HoneyHill's CEO (my dad and her Poppa) when she visited our headquarters for the very 1st time! Also, I wanted to give a shoutout to our amazing office staff. Every single person stepped up tremendously during my pregnancy and now beginning of motherhood to allow me to do the things needed to bring my child into this world safely and then to get adapted to having a little one around. I absolutely could not have done this without each of you. Amy, Melody, Marina, Anna, Stephanie, and of course, my Dad - you all are the best & I sincerely thank you!

Family business is not all about business. Sometimes it's more about family. When the CEO has another granddaughter and the Executive Director becomes a mom - it's one of those times!


Becca Dunaway

Executive Director

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