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WGNS Radio Interview Today!

We were honored to have the opportunity to share a little bit about our business this morning on WGNS radio with Scott Walker! Our founder & CEO, Mike Cutter, spent some time sharing how HoneyHill HomeCare came to be and about some of the things we feel make our company stand out as a home care agency.

Some highlights of the interview were...

  • The story about how Mike's wife (Becca's mom) was the inspiration behind our father-daughter duo starting HoneyHill in the first place

  • Hearing about some of the challenges we see family caregivers & their loved ones face and how we can provide some relief in those areas

  • Hearing about Mike's personal connection as a caregiver himself to his parents

  • Why it's so important to set a meeting with Mike if you are interested in services so he is able to answer your home care questions, provide information & assistance on payment options, and help point you in the direction of what other services may be a good option for you!

If you did not get a chance to listen this morning, check it out! It may give you or a loved one in need of our assistance a little insight into who we are as a company & answer some questions you may have about how our services could benefit you!

Just follow this link below:

Give us a call at (629) 201-6130!

Happy Monday!

-Becca Dunaway, Executive Director & Proud Daughter of Mike Cutter


A special message to my dad & business partner:

Great interview, Dad! Not only did you eloquently share our story & answer questions I think a lot of people have about our services beautifully, but you were just so genuine and kind as always. What an honor it is to be your business partner - but even more so - to be your daughter. I love you!

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