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Welcome BACK to the HoneyHill Hive, Marina Nassif!

Hello to the HoneyHill Hive!

Marina Nassif - HoneyHill HomeCare's Executive Assistant
Marina Nassif, Executive Assistant

I know, I know. I told you I was behind! Another introduction (or should I say... RE-introduction) was missed while I have been on my hiatus. This woman is back on our team and we could not be happier. Marina holds a special place in our hearts at HoneyHill. She is a part of our family and we are so happy to have her back as our Executive Assistant handling a multitude of different tasks & responsibilities. Marina is such a team player, an absolute delight to have around, and a huge asset to our company.

If anyone understands my absence, it's Marina! She took some time to spend time with her sweet baby and when she was ready to enter back into the workforce, you better believe we jumped at the opportunity to have her back.

Marina is a very hard worker, organized, and such a joy to have around. She is extremely productive while keeping such a stress-free and positive attitude. We do not know many people like Marina (if any at all) and feel very fortunate to work alongside her again.

Please welcome back, Marina Nassif! (She has been back since May and it is July. Not as bad as the half of a year it took me to announce Melody as a team member, but still not great haha.)


Becca Dunaway

Executive Director

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