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  • Becca Cutter, Certified Senior Care Manager

Sweet Like HONEYHill

The title may seem deceiving at first because I am writing about the mind boggling decision process that is senior care. But, hang tight til the end, and you will see how deciding what's next for your loved one really can be simple and sweet like HONEYHill.

There are so many options when it comes to senior care that the entire process of deciding what's best for our loved ones becomes daunting. Home care, nursing homes, assisted living, independent living, skilled nursing, long-term care, memory care, home health... the list goes on. Once you arrive at the decision to use a home care agency, which I strongly suggest you look into first, then you have to pick which agency you will use. This is when it starts to feel impossible. You will go through a series of questions and do your research if you are lucky enough to have the time.

  • Who is the best in my area?

  • Do they run background checks on their caregivers?

  • How much does it cost and what types of payment do they accept?

  • What makes one home care agency different from the next?

  • Where are they located?

  • How does the entire process work?


Then, of course, there are the unfortunate situations that arise for some families that don't allow them much time for researching their options because of an incident (falls, strokes, family members moving away, etc.) that warrants the need for care immediately. In those cases, these families find themselves with an agency that they don't feel 100% satisfied with and this is not the time to settle.

Well, don't fret. HoneyHill is the only answer you need no matter where you are in your decision making process for finding care for a loved one.

HoneyHill HomeCare

We genuinely want your loved ones to end up with the quality care they need and deserve. If you contact us saying your interested in at least finding out more about us and what we could potentially do for your loved one, then find comfort in the fact that we are going to suggest what we really believe will benefit your family the most in every aspect. Of course we will evaluate your loved one's home care needs to create a customized care plan for them, but we will also take your entire situation into consideration.

We know that you want the best care for your loved ones, but so many things come into play when making a decision of this magnitude. You want them to...

  • Be safe and comfortable

  • Hold on to their dignity and independence

  • Stay active

  • Be socially and mentally stimulated

  • Eat healthy and exercise

and so much more! But most of all, you want them to be happy, feel cared about, and receive proper care.

We know this decision isn't easy and we think you should look into every option out there to find the best fit for your family. But from our family, to yours, HoneyHill HomeCare is a great place to start. We will work hard for you and do everything we can to make this time a little easier for you and your loved ones. If we aren't the best option, we will make sure to give you a recommendation of what we think may better suit your family.

It's really pretty simple and sweet (like HONEYHill), we want you to end up with quality care and peace of mind. If you choose HoneyHill, you will get just that. Please keep us as an option when deciding between home cares. If you are still unsure of where to turn when looking into senior care options for your loved ones, I would love to answer any questions you may have with no strings attached. If you call genuinely just to seek out some answers, I would gladly take that call and not expect anything in return.

We are on this earth for such a short time. HoneyHill chooses to use this time to try to help other people when we can, build lasting relationships and community, and to continue to improve every day.

Hope to hear from you soon! Call anytime at (615) 546-0682 or email if you are interested in our services or have any questions at all!

Becca Cutter

Certified Senior Care Manager & Certified Home Health Aide

(615) 546-0682

HoneyHill HomeCare, LLC

2615 Medical Center Parkway

Suite 1560 Murfreesboro, TN 37129

Licensed, Bonded, and Insured

Family-Owned & Operated

Serving Middle TN

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