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Happy Father's Day & Birthday to our CEO!

Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there! Our family is blessed with some of the best.

And today happens to be our favorite CEO’s birthday as well! Happy Birthday Mike!

Mike is the hardest working person in any room, and the most selfless, kind-hearted and caring person. We couldn’t ask for a better leader and we are all so thankful for him!

We combined both Father's Day and Mike's birthday and celebrated this weekend by listening to some Elvis records, playing some corn hole and frisbee in the backyard, eating some delicious food from Slick Pig BBQ, and just spending some wonderful quality time together as a family.

They don't make them like Mike anymore. He is a wonderful dad, husband, grandfather, son, uncle, and CEO. Any person that knows Mike is blessed and we are certainly grateful for all he does for all of our clients and caregivers.

Becca Cutter

Executive Director, and one of the lucky daughters of the one and only, Mike Cutter ;)

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