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  • Becca Cutter, Executive Director

Introducing Our Newest Team Member!

Becca and Chelsea

We are still waiting to get her professional headshots in, but that's the great thing about having your best friend join the team... You already have plenty of pictures!

I am ecstatic to introduce the newest HoneyHill team member, Chelsea Hartman!

There are so many strengths that Chelsea is bringing to the team, but let me start with one of my favorites. Chelsea and I went to school together growing up. She has been my best friend for years and we have become a part of each other's families. So, my favorite part about Chelsea coming on with us has to be the fact that she is already an extension of our family, which is extremely important to HoneyHill. Chelsea understands our family's story and why we began this business. She understands how much it means for us to be a company that people can trust. It's important for us to hire people that align with our values and mission as a company. With Chelsea, we are certain that she fits that bill.

Now, other than being a close friend (and practically family), Chelsea really will contribute in such a major way. Her bubbly personality and positive outlook on life make for a light-hearted work atmosphere. Let me stop there. A person who brings a light into their work atmosphere is highly underrated. This kind of person increases productivity, induces problem-solving skills by derailing other's stress that can often cloud someone's clear mind, and inspires others to spread that positivity. So, for that portion of Chelsea's personality, I am very grateful.

So, turning to more of Chelsea's attributes that will undoubtedly benefit our team...

Her work ethic is impeccable. She is the kind of person that is eager to learn and help in any way that she can. Chelsea likes to keep busy and that is something she will not have any problem with while working with us! Also, she is prompt and dependable, which are both priceless qualities to have in any employee.

Her "can-do" attitude is encouraging and necessary for this line of work. She will be coming on to help administratively alongside Megan and myself. This requires problem-solving skills and a level-head. Chelsea is great in both of those areas.

While Chelsea brings much more to the table in terms of her strengths, I will touch on just one more. She is a caregiver herself. A caregiver comes in many shapes and forms. She happens to be a mother of two and helps out her grandmother any time she needs her to. This role in her life allows her to have a personal connection to what we do at HoneyHill HomeCare. She understands that we have to treat our clients with the utmost respect and that their care is something we take very seriously. It's in Chelsea's nature to put others before herself.

So, now that you know a little bit about my best friend and HoneyHill's newest team member, I hope you take the time to come visit us and find out if we are the kind of people you want in charge of your loved one's care at home!

All of us at HoneyHill hope you consider letting our family help yours. We do this for the right reasons and we hope you see that we have your best interest's in our hearts and minds with each decision that we make (including who we hire).

Call us at (629) 201-6130 at any time! We hope to hear from you soon and answer any questions you may have!


Becca Cutter

Executive Director

(629) 201-6130

HoneyHill HomeCare, LLC

151 Heritage Park Drive

Suite 203

Murfreesboro, TN 37129

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