• Becca Cutter, Certified Senior Care Manager

Cold Weather Is Snow Laughing Matter


Moving down to Tennessee about 13 years ago changed my life in many ways. I was born in Florence, Kentucky, which is about 10 minutes outside of Cincinnati, Ohio. So, I was used to colder weather and an immensely larger amount of snow than what we tend to get down here in Rutherford County.

It didn't take long to realize that Tennessee's winters were milder, which made me sad because snow is one of my most favorite things. However, when I saw how much school I was getting to miss, I wasn't too upset anymore.

Now, when we are younger, how much snow we get and how much school we miss are the types of concerns that come to mind when heading into the Winter season. But as we age, it is important to understand the more severe risks that come along with cold weather. Like the title says, cold weather is snow laughing matter. If you have read any of my blogs in the past, you know I can't resist a cheesy pun.