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  • Becca Cutter, Certified Senior Care Manager

Are you Pinterested?

If you aren't, you should be.

HoneyHill HomeCare Pinterest

My dad and I are both Certified Senior Care Managers and Certified Home Health Aides, which means we have had training in both caregiving AND client care. That being said, we feel that it is our duty to serve our clients by being their advocates. We believe that one of the best ways to properly have a voice for someone is to be able to relate and understand their needs. How can we relate and actually direct people to solutions? We do this by collecting as much relevant information as possible and creating relationships with other businesses that may help our clients in their journey. Once we have done our research and formed trusting relationships, we can provide useful resources.

All of that to say this...... PINTEREST

Finding good information and resources is all about looking in the right places. This social media account allows people to have a data base of information that can be customized to individual interests, saved for the future, and accessed very easily. So, because we are familiar with interests and needs of our clients, we have been able to put together a page that could really serve as a great resource for clients, their families, and the caregivers!

We do our best to constantly update our page with boards & pins that directly relate to caregiving, specific diseases and conditions, and even fun stuff like activity ideas and gardening. Of course, we are constantly searching and updating our resources based on our client's interests and needs.


Question: Pinterested in tips on how to live a better quality life with Alzheimer's or Multiple Sclerosis, or how to help caregivers better serve people living with these diseases?

Question: Pinterested in helping a client or family member make sure their home is safe to decrease the chance of falls?

Question: Pinterested in fun recipes, gardening, fishing, or even quilting?

Question: Pinterested in finding information on Veterans?


Our goal for our page is to be a source of information that our clients can reference for more than just home care and senior care options. No matter what information you are seeking whether it's serious or recreational, we hope we can help. If not, reach out to us because we would be happy to add any topics that you might feel are lacking.


Becca Cutter

Certified Senior Care Manager

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