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  • Becca Cutter, Certified Senior Care Manager

5 Home Care Advantages

HoneyHill HomeCare

As you and your loved ones seek senior care services, it is important to get all the facts about your options in order to make an informed decision. Depending on your loved one's needs, you will be looking into one of the following senior care options:

Home Care Agencies

Assisted Living Facilities

Nursing Homes

Adult Day Cares

Skilled Nursing Facilities

Independent Living Communities

Memory Care Units

Home Health Agencies


Each of those options require you to look into each provider to find the best fit for your loved one depending on level of care provided (medical vs. non-medical), pricing, standard of care & reputation, activities & services offered, quality of life, and more. "Home Care Agencies" is listed 1st and bolded because I strongly encourage you to look into this option FIRST. Home care is an option that offers many benefits for the client, their family, and even the caregiver. To see just a few of the advantages, check out the list below.

5 Home Care Advantages

Comfort & Convenience

Home care allows the client to remain in the comfort and safety of their own residence, while still receiving the care that they need. If your loved one is living with Alzheimer's, Dementia, or another form of memory impairment, then this component of home care should really stand out. Also, this is convenient for people needing care who may not have family in the area or just don't have the time to help with transitioning their loved one into a facility. Just think of all the hassle and stress added to you and your loved one's life if this person had to sell their house, rent out the house, move their possessions out and into storage, and/or sell their belongings. Avoid all these extra obligations by choosing home care.

Independence & Dignity

Staying at home allows the client to have a firm grasp of their independence and dignity. Most people have built their lives and their memories in these homes. Just because some extra assistance is needed should not mean that they have to vacate their homes. Especially for clients in the end-of-life stages, home care allows the client to receive much needed care in the privacy of their own home, which allows them to maintain their dignity and pride.

Balance of Freedom & Supervision

Social Engagement & Organized Activities are definitely a bonus that facilities can offer. However, home care gives the client the opportunity to direct their own life and make their own choices of what they want to do during each day. With a caregiver, clients receive care, along with companionship, and are free to do activities as they please. Home care encourages client's freedom by letting the client decide what their days will look like. For families and the health of the client, there is still the advantage of having the caregiver provide safety & care while they go about their day.

Attentive Care & Companionship

No matter what level of care or amount of hours you are seeking, everyone is looking for care that simulates the care you would provide for your own loved one if possible. You want someone that will care as much as you do and pay attention to the specific wants and needs of your loved one. Home Care is a great option for people who want their loved ones to have more hands-on and one-on-one care. Caregivers that build good relationships with their clients usually attest to the fact that their clients feel more like family as time goes on. The client is the caregiver's responsibility and the caregiver is the home care agency's responsibility.

Less Change & More Affordability

No matter what care option that is chosen, the finances and the care recipient's emotions through this process are always at the top of your mind. You want to pick an option that is affordable and going to provide your loved one with the highest quality care possible. Another part of this is considering how your loved one feels about the situation. Home care is often less costly than facility options and does not require moving into a new environment.

When it's time to consider the next step in your loved one's life, think about looking into home care first. The beauty of starting with this option is that most home care agencies will refer you to a facility or other option if more care is needed. This way you can assess whether home care is the best option for you, or get a referral that has the backing of an agency versus doing your own research. Most importantly, consider HoneyHill HomeCare if you're in Middle Tennessee. HoneyHill is a family-owned non-medical home care agency based in Murfreesboro, TN. They offer a unique Veterans Program and started because a loved one living with Multiple Sclerosis. Check out their website here...

Becca Cutter

HoneyHill HomeCare

Certified Senior Care Manager

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