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  • Becca Cutter, Executive Director

Why HoneyHill HomeCare?

With so many home care agencies to choose from out there, you are probably wondering...

"Why HoneyHill HomeCare?"

You have the option to choose from the national franchises, big name companies, and even some other local businesses. The difference between those options and HoneyHill HomeCare is simple... family, veterans, and community involvement.



It's not just that we are run by family physically. Our company is run by family morals and values. Even our inspiration to start the company stems from our own family circumstances.

When my mom was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, I gained a new perspective on life and a new hunger to make an impact in my community. I wanted to be able to help my mom, but knowing this disease does not leave much room for improvement, I felt helpless. So, when my dad approached me with his idea to start a home care, a lightbulb came on. At the time, my dad was traveling for work so much and realized he needed a job where he could be home with my mom more. I was in school studying Entrepreneurship and wanting to find the right type of business to start that I had passion for, so starting our own home care agency was a way for us to solve both of our problems.

My dad and I want to provide families with caregivers that we would hire for my mom (his wife). At the end of the day, the goal is to provide the care the clients need while allowing them an option to stay in their own home. We ask you to consider contacting us for your home care needs because we are genuinely seeking to offer a standard of care that we would want for our own family.

Picture of Becca Cutter, Cheryl Cutter, Mike Cutter at WalkMS 2017


HoneyHill is the only home care agency in Middle Tennessee offering a unique Veterans Program. There is a benefit that can help Veterans, who meet certain requirements, pay for their home care needs. The first step is knowing about it, the second step is knowing how to apply and what information is required, and the third step is waiting to receive the benefit. There are other agencies that will accept the Aid & Attendance benefit. However, our program offers a way for the eligible Veterans to receive care while they are waiting on the approval from the VA. To learn more or ask any questions, please email We are more than happy to help you better understand the Veterans Program and inform you on the minimum requirements that must be met in order to qualify. In the meantime, please check out our Veterans Program page on our website.

Veterans Program


HoneyHill was built on our desire to help people living with disabilities/diseases, like my mom. Therefore, one of our primary missions is to help serve our community by giving back. Whether that means participating in local charity events, donating to worthy causes, or even creating our own ways to show our support. We try to update our involvement on our Community Involvement page on our site as frequently as possible to allow anyone who would like to participate enough time to register!

For example, we participated in WalkMS 2017 in Nashville and fundraised $900 that will go towards research for Multiple Sclerosis treatments and hopefully a cure! In addition, we are scheduled to attend the Walk to End Alzheimer's walks in Nashville & Murfreesboro later this year. Also, HoneyHill will be represented at the Walk to Defeat ALS walk in September of this year. Those are just some of the events that we are currently registered to attend. HoneyHill wants our clients to know that we care what they are going through and we want to have a voice for each of them. Being client advocates and investing in our community holds as a top priority of our agency.

Also, we have an exciting MS Support Group that we are expected to launch at the end of July or beginning of August. Be on the lookout for a blog explaining the details and our goals for that support group coming soon!

Walk to End Alzheimer's
Walk to Defeat ALS

Thanks for reading and I hope everyone has a blessed weekend!

Becca Cutter

Executive Director

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