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  • Becca Cutter, Executive Director

WalkMS 2018!

Team HoneyHill HomeCare participated in our 3rd consecutive WalkMS this year! WalkMS 2018 was held at Nissan Stadium on Saturday, April 7th. As a team, we were able to donate $600 to the National MS Society to go towards research for a cure, treatments, and services for those living with Multiple Sclerosis.

Team HoneyHill HomeCare-WalkMS

We participate because our loved one was diagnosed with Primary Progressive MS in 2007. She is the reason we started our home care agency in the first place and the reason that I do what I do. If it wasn't for my mom, I wouldn't have the same connection and passion that I do for home care.

While we were all glad to be able to attend the walk again this year, we could have dealt without the extremely cold weather. Our team (& family) had a joke that this year's event should have been called FreezeMS. If you were out there freezing your tails off like we were, you'd be making cheesy jokes too.

Overall, we are so excited to continue to work towards being the home care agency that those living with MS can feel comfortable coming to if they find themselves in need of our services. Each day I strive to learn more about the disease because I believe knowledge is power. Those who study this disease are learning more and more and breakthroughs are being made. Because of the progress being made, I am hopeful. Because of the research that's being done to one day cure my mom's disease, I will continue to participate in events like #walkMS.

We will be back and we hope to come back in 2019 with an even larger team and larger donation to put towards the cause! Even though, our main focus is showing my mom support and getting together as a family.

Thanks to everyone who came to the event and donated! Check out some of our pictures from the event courtesy of my sister, the amazing photographer... Stephanie B Photography!

Hope everyone has a great day!

Becca Cutter

Executive Director

(615) 546-0682

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