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  • Becca Cutter, Certified Senior Care Manager

Veterans deSERVE more!

These people who fight for our freedom. These people who seldomly get the respect they have earned. These people who expected nothing from us, but risked everything for us. These people deSERVE more. That's why HoneyHill HomeCare is proud to offer a unique Veterans Program. Another reason we are very proud to offer a program that gives back to those who gave so much for our country is because of our very own veteran that we love so much...Grandpa Cutter! He is the extremely handsome man on the far left featured in the picture below.

Far Left-Grandpa Cutter

Veterans in need of some home care assistance should be able to get it. Plain and simple. However, the process of receiving any kind of Veterans Benefit is not always so simple due to how many regulations and laws that have to be followed. Depending on the benefit that a veteran is trying to rightfully receive, the process to actually get their benefits takes anywhere from 6-12 months.

The "VA Pension" benefit, better known as the "Aid and Attendance" benefit, can help veterans pay for the in-home care services that we offer!

Other agencies may make you aware of this benefit, but our program allows you to receive the actual care faster than any other agency in Middle Tennessee!

In order to qualify to receive this benefit, the veteran, or their surviving spouse, must meet the following requirements:

Aid and Attendance Veterans Benefit Eligibility Requirements

1) You are over age 65.

2) You are a Veteran or a surviving spouse of a Veteran.

3) The Veteran served as “Active Military” status for 90 days during an approved time of war: WWII, Korean War, Vietnam War and must have had "boots on the ground".

4) The Veteran had an honorable discharge.

5) The Veteran or surviving spouse meets income requirements.

6) The Veteran or surviving spouse needs assistance with bathing, grooming, meal preparation, etc. on a regular basis in order to stay independent in their home, or chosen place of residence.

Our Veterans Program page gives more details on the matter, so please feel free to check it out. If you know someone who may qualify for this benefit, please share our contact information with them. If you have questions, please don't hesitate to call us at (615) 546-0682 or email us at

Our country's veterans did so much for us in their younger years. At the very least, we can do everything we can to help them in their older years! After all, they deSERVE it! Does anyone else like a good "play on words" as much as I do??

Becca Cutter

Certified Senior Care Manager

(615) 546-0682

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